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Keen to join the SAYE Alumni?

Episode 1 | Introduction to SAYE

Thanks to support from Auckland Council we're proud to announce the launch of   

SAYE Alumni 2022

Being part of the SAYE Alumni means that throughout 2022 you will have access to and be able to take advantage of:

  • Personal Development Workshops

  • Tailored Networking Events

  • Mentoring Opportunities


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create the SAYE Alumni?

  • We identified a need in our community for ongoing guidance, mentoring and support – particularly for those that have completed some type of further education or short course with various providers.  We’ve realised many providers are not typically resourced to provide ongoing support.

  • SAYE Alumni will reenergise, motivate and support continued positive progress.


Who is SAYE Alumni for?

  • The program is designed and tailored for young adults in South Auckland (aged 16-35) that have completed a program with SAYE or other providers, and

  • Young adults in South Auckland (aged 16-35) looking for support or guidance to determine or move forward in their chosen pathway.

  • The age range is a guide, if you do fall outside of this bracket and still would like to apply - please do.


How much does the program cost?

  • This program is funded by Auckland Council.  This means you have funded access to the workshops, networking events and mentoring opportunities (valued in the thousands) . There may be an additional charge for certain networking events to cover any additional catering or venue hireage. 


What are some of the objectives for the program and those involved?

  • An increase in self awareness, higher levels of self belief and ambition,

  • Confidence and skills to determine direction and pathway; this be your career, self employment or a combination of both,

  • An understanding of the unique value you bring to your chosen pathway,

  • Sustained employment with positive career progression and an increase in income,

  • Increase in passion, drive and alignment with morals and values.

How frequent are the events and do I need to attend them all?

  • We will hold 2 to 4 events per month.

  • These will be either Personal Development Workshops, Networking Events or Mentoring Sessions and will be a mix of in person and online.

  • It is expected to maintain your place in the alumni that you take advantage of at least 1 event per month. That being said you're welcome to attend them all. 

We will be holding an online event to discuss the details of the program in more detail where we will answer any and all questions you might have.


If you have any further questions before then, please do not hesitate to reach out via email to  

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